Mike & Mikylla | Poulsbo Engagement Photographer

When Mike and Mikylla decided on historic downtown Poulsbo for their engagement portrait location, I jumped at the opportunity. My family has been here since I was twelve, while my husband was born and raised here – it’s home for us. Some storefronts and restaurants have changed over the years, and Poulsbo has exploded in growth, especially in the last several years – but a lot of downtown looks just the same as it did when I worked as a barista at Checkers Espresso in high school.

I met Mike and Mikylla through Aaron at Ofishel Jewelry.  Mike picked out a gorgeous rose gold engagement ring that suits Mikylla perfectly!  In fact, I loved their images so much, one is now the cover of my exclusive gift certificate with Ofishel! Spending time with them on a chilly (but sunny!) February morning was so much fun. They were quick learners when it came to posing – it’s really easy to do when you’re crazy about each other!  I’m so looking forward to their upcoming wedding at Kingston House!

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