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Briana and I were connected at the last minute, about a month before her wedding date.  We have some mutual ties, through her family and my husband’s work. We met at the Kingston Starbucks, and I knew right from the beginning that we would hit it off! She told me a little about the whirlwind romance between her and Christian – the result of many prayers and patiently waiting for the right timing.

I had never been to Snohomish before, and the quaint downtown area reminded me a lot of my own hometown of Poulsbo.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit Snohomish Pie Company, which has been taunting me with pictures of their delicious treats on my Facebook feed for months! Next time for sure…

One of the things I noticed about Snohomish, is the number of small, historic churches – seemingly located on every other block.  Christian & Briana’s wedding took place at the GORGEOUS Belle Chapel, built in 1885 and the oldest church still standing in Snohomish today. I literally gasped when I saw it.  I have such a weakness for historic architecture, especially churches. Before beginning the day, I was able to explore around the building and noticed how meticulously the original wooden pews, doors and other features have been cared for.

Briana got ready in a quiet, beautiful bride’s room in the back of the church – complete with a antique vanity. As her aunt and bridesmaids assisted with her hair and makeup, you could feel the anticipation building!

Right next door, Christian and his guys were tackling the proper art of formal ties (with help from the internet, of course!)

The first look really belongs to the bridesmaids…

The REAL first look – this is one of my favorite events of a wedding day.  All of the planning, saving, praying and dreaming come to this moment. It’s important to create a peaceful and intimate environment for the first look, so the bride and groom can take in the expectancy and joy of the day to come.

All of the preparations of the busy morning (and last year) led up to this moment…

The pastor told everyone both Christian’s and Briana’s side of the story about how they got together. It was so funny and so sweet! It reminded me a lot of being in that chapter of life with my would-be husband!

After a huge sigh of relief and joy, and some big laughs with their best friends, it was time to sign and make it official!

I loved Briana’s beautiful & feminine soft pink and cream color palette.

Christian and Briana’s reception was held in the church’s one room basement, which has been transformed into a quaint dining hall. Their soft, delightful details created a simple, clean, and elegant look.

One of the biggest surprises of the day happened in the middle of the speeches. Christian’s sister, Carla, began telling the story of her brother as a little boy with his favorite toy – a small, stuffed Tigger.  Due to a *ahem* lawn maintenance accident, poor Tigger was ripped to shreds. Little did Christian know, his mother had cleaned and repaired his beloved little buddy, and saved it to present to her son on his wedding day.  Christian’s other sister, Caroline, presented Tigger to Christian in a tiny red wagon. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! I’ll remember this story for a long time.

Briana’s new sister-in-law caught the bouquet!

Not everyone decides, or are able, to have sparklers for a grand exit. I think jazz hands are just as fun!!

After the getaway car drives away, and the celebration quiets down, that’s when it’s my time to make magic happen! I find that doing romantics after the wedding day has come to an end puts the couple at ease – time to relax and just be themselves, but as a new husband and wife.

Some hot air balloons were floating by as we shot some portraits by the Snohomish River!

I love asking the couple to reenact their first dance! Wedding dresses are made to twirl!

Christian and Briana’s wedding was a dream, from start to finish!  They are starting their marriage on the right foot, and have years of adventure ahead of them!  It was such a joy to be a part of their special day.

Venue: Belle Chapel – Snohomish, WA

Photography: Lemolo Mile Photography

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